Chilean soprano born in Diego Almagro, III Region of Atacama, Chile.

The artist left her hometown at the age of 14 to live in Copiapo, where she studied at the city Music Liceum. She learned traverse flute and start to sing periodically in the institution Poliphonic Choir and in the Municipal Symphonic Choir of the city.

By the end of this formative period she arrives to Santiago, capital city of Chile to learn lyrical singing during two years at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, under the guidance of important Chilean singers.

After a long break to look for new horizons, she accepts her family suggestion and restarts her musical career joining to the "Garden City" Lyrical Ensemble of Vina del Mar city, conducted by Philip Morris; and to the Mattapeghó Foundation in Santiago de Chile in 2018, directed by Graciela Araya.

Her career takes an important turn in August 2018 when she wins the "Atacama's Outstanding Artists Scholarship". This allows to finish her musical formation in Santiago de Chile with maestro Philip Morris and accompanied by the pianist Felipe Latorre.

She is invited for a tournee together with Maestro Latorre through several Chilean stages giving opera concerts and chanber music recitals at the German League of Santiago and musical seasons at the regions of Tarapacá, Valparaíso y Atacama.

Between 2018 and 2019 she is selected by prestigious European Opera Studios and Conservatories such as Giussepe Verdi in Milan and Lotte Lehmann Akademie in Perleberg, Germany. This is the beginning of her career abroad. She finally decides to work in the the San Lazzaro di Savena Opera School at Bologna, Italy. In this city she takes voice coach classes with the recognized soprano Patrizia Orciani and Maestro concertatore Carlos Morejano.

At the end of 2019 she moves to Verona to follow with her artistic improvement with the famous contralto and coach Sonia Prina at theAccademia per l'ópera di Verona.

Mrs. Gallardo lives currently in Verona, Italy.


Artistic Career


- Soloist with Copiapo Municipal Symphonic Orchestra (season 2013)

- Soloist soprano in the 2018/2019 concert season at the Vina del Mar club, together with Alcijar and the pianist Raul Salinas

- Winner of the "Atacama's Outstanding Artists" scholarship (GORE 2018)

- Concert at the German League in Santiago de Chile, accompanied by the pianist Felipe Latorre (2018)

- Concert with the Music and Contemporary Fine Arts School Camerata of the Arturo Prat University, Iquique (2018)

- Concert at the El Salvador Teatro El Cobre, Atacama region (2019)

- Selected at the Vincenzo Bellini International Music Competition, Paris, France (2019)

- Selected for the second round at the Riccardo Zandonai Music Competiton, Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy (2019)

- Musical intervention at the "Pan de Azucar" National Park (2019)

- Winner of the "Atacama's Outstanding Artists" scholarship (GORE 2019)

- Government FNDR projects winner in Artistic Area for Atacama in pandemia times, 2020

- Director and teacher in "Desert Voices" project, Atacama Chile 2020


Master Class

Tenor Ernesto Tito Beltran, 2012
Soprano Cristina Gallardo Domas, 2013
Mezzosoprano Graciela Araya, 2018
Tenor Sebastian Ferrada, 2018
Soprano Patrizia Orciani, Italy 2019
Soprano Aylin Perez, USA, april 2020
Soprano Astrea Amaduzzi, Italia, june 2020









































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